Student: Amirali
Course: English
From: Toronto

Canadian Culture And History

Canada is a vast multicultural country with an amazing history and a lot of successful artists. They are more than thousands of cultures and 10 religions in Canada. Each culture and religion is equally important and that’s one of the main reasons why this country is growing very fast. For example, nowadays we can see Christian, Muslim, and Jewish people are living in peace in Canada and they are free to practice their religions. Canada was inhabited for millennia by Indigenous Peoples. After many years Europeans arrived and discovered Canada. In the late 15th century, the French and British started to fight over territories in Canada, these wars had a huge influence on Canada’s culture and history. However, during all of those years of war Canadians kept most of their identity and culture. For example, in 1763, England won the war and the French colonies in Canada became British. Britain called the colonies British North America but the French people wanted to keep their language and costumes. Moreover, art in Canada is marked by thousands of years of habitation by First Nations Peoples. In addition, immigration from countries all around the world and Europe had a huge influence on Canada’s art. For example, in the late 17th century, the population of New France was growing and artists in New France built two schools of art in New France. In conclusion, Canada is a great country with a rich history. Freedom is also of great importance in Canada. Lastly, immigration and war improved Canada’s culture and art during all these years and as a result, Canada is one of the best countries in the world.


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