Student: kasranamdarpour Writer
Course: English
From: Toronto


If you live in Canada you have responsibilities, rights, and also rules to act. People come from many countries such as countries, those which have seen a war those which are safe. In Canada, it is not important where you come from, all the rules, responsibilities, and rights are equal.

The government provided rights such as school, safety, being free, having your opinion, live where you want. But there are responsibilities too against the rights, like obeying the rules, protecting Canada’s heritage, respecting others, respecting the rights and freedoms of others and taking care of the environment, and helping their community. People can do anything except things that are against rules.

It’s important to the country because these rules and rights can make this country better, safer, and bring high peace. It’s important for me because I immigrate to Canada for having a better life, and the good life let people improve.


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