High School in Canada

High School in Canada, commonly known as Secondary School education, can be taken in a variety of educational environments. The most common educational environments being offered in Ontario, Canada is Online education, Virtual classes, Private sessions, Group classes, and Homeschooling. All mentioned educational environments must follow exactly the same system and rules. There will be no difference invalidation, accreditation and reputation of courses or high school diploma regardless of the educational environment in which the student studies. All educational environments are designed and supervised by the ministry of education in order to give students choices and options to enjoy their Educational journey. 

Online Education has been dramatically expanding in North America, especially Canada and Ontario. Today, you can register, study, and earn your high school credits and diploma FULLY ONLINE without the need of entering Canada or obtaining a study VISA. 

To attain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma students are required to complete;

30 secondary school (High school) credits,

40 hours of community service, and

Pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test/Course. 

A credit is defined as a course that has a minimum of 110 hours of instructional

time and has been developed or approved by the Ministry of Education.


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